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About Us


Denim is fundamental.

It is seasonless and defies fashion.

It is about your lifestyle.

DUFFIE jeans are classic but with an edge - that edge being you. Each pair is meant to

evolve with your lifestyle and embrace your every move. Denim, the material itself, is

challenging due to its variable nature. Yet that is exactly why it is compelling. Each type

of wash or distress method alters the end product endlessly. These manufacturing tech-

niques signifies a new era in denim, what started off as workwear has revolutionized into

modern day high fashion.

Inspired to be a part of this metamorphosis, Duffie's design ethic is rooted in the constant

search for the finest details. With a focus on fit, excessive post-production detailing was

omitted to remain price sensitive and maintain the use of high quality materials. The use of

raw and selvedge denim means the perfect fit does exist. Repeated wear will transform to fit

your body and not only become a staple in your closet but a reflection of you. Whether that

be your laundry habits or the items you stuff in your pockets, a pair of Duffies are meant to

document the traces we leave in our daily lives. Life with Duffie should simply be about you

and your story.